What & Why NAP

What is NAP?

National Academy of Physics (NAP) is a registered, non-profit, non-government organization established by enthusiastic students of Physics aiming to gather people interested in Physics in a common platform for the development of Physics in Nepal. The main purpose of this organization is to enhance the research activities and public awareness in various trends and applications/aspects of Physics.

NAP is purely an organization working toward a more universal understanding of Physics and related fields and welcomes everyone who is interested.

NAP has been established with the aims of promoting the advancement of knowledge in Physics including research, application and teaching, and also for the professional growth of physicists in the country.


What do we do?

1- Coordinate with others from all over the world in the field of physics.

2- Update our knowledge through existing means of communication and media.

3- Gather all research and scientific ideas to be discussed by all members.

4- Facilitate strong progress in our research level.

5- Arrange and conduct research projects.

6- Manage periodic meetings for Physicists.

7- Publish scientific journals, magazines, physics newsletters and monographs.

8- Hold conferences for the presentation of learned papers and professional discussions in Physics.

9- Arrange colloquiums, exhibitions and lecture programs for the dissemination of physical concepts and for enlarging levels of understanding in the development of Physics.

10- Activate and increase contacts with national and international agencies for the growth of physics      in Nepal.

11- Attracting students in the Physics education & help them to explore different areas of Physics.


Why should we join NAP?

1- To get the latest updates of Physics (Various recent discoveries & researches going on in different areas of Physics)

2- To get the chance to attend our own seminars / trainings / workshops / documentary show / exhibitions and other programs

3- To get the news of upcoming events of NAP and other organizations through Email/SMS

4- To get the chance to participate in other organizations seminars and talk programs

5- To get recommended (Recommendation Letter) if needed for various purposes

6- To help us to spread the Physics awareness program to Nepali students in Nepal

7- To get guidance in the areas of Physics in Nepal (To get updated information on Physics in Nepal)

8- To get any information/inquiries about Physics in Nepal

9- To get the answers of your any unsolved problems related to Physics by Professors and highly intellectuals

10- NAP works as a link between Nepal’s Physics Community and Foreign Physics Communities. SO you might be benefitted with the information that NAP shares with its members.


For details contact:

National Academy of Physics (NAP)

P.O.B. 12252, Website: www.infonap.or Email: info@infonap.or

Ph.: +977 – 9841491192

Sanepa, Lalitpur (Beside Star Hospital near Balkhu Chowk)

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